Economic Downturn’s Effect on Websites

27 05 2009

The current economic crisis is creating downtime on company websites according to this article over at According to the blog article, the reason behind this website downtime is more and more companies are reducing costs and staff.

50,400 hours or 2100 days more downtime each month”

Wow, that’s a lot of downtime.

H1N1 Flu Virus

27 05 2009

I read an interesting article  about the H1N1 flu virus on a cool natural health blog. It mentions:

“we should not become consumed with worry about this current threat.”

I would like to add to this and say what I’ve heard about the past flu pandemics in history. I heard that previous pandemics began with a first wave such as this, but a more deadly, second wave is when the deaths pile up.

Anyway, it’s true we shouldn’t worry, just like the article on said. I am sure by the time the second wave hits, (and that’s an IF it hits) doctors and scientists will have found a vaccine. 🙂

Vocabulary Software

27 05 2009

If you are in the need of increasing your vocabulary, I ran across a cool site: They have some cool vocabulary software. Some features include: Five vocabulary books, Word flash cards, different difficulty levels, and Multi-User support. Here is the direct link to the software Vocaboly 2.1.

The trial version is shareware. The registration fee of a single license for Vocaboly is $39.95.

You can check out vocabulary tests generated from Vocaboly. I took the tests and found out I’m a complete idiot. 🙂 Maybe I could benefit from a free copy, huh Vocaboly? Please? Oh, probably not, my blog isn’t popular enough.



16 04 2009

I knew the man that shot his two co-workers today at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.  It is hard to believe that he would be capable of such an ugly act.

Long Beach Memorial Shooting

Long Beach Memorial Shooting (Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times)

The longtime pharmacy tech was well loved by all his co-workers and patients.

On this, the second anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre, this shooting hit me personally. I really wonder what triggered this. According to the news it was rumors of a layoff in June. This goes to show that you never truly know what your fellow neighbor is capable of.

It’s strange and it almost seems cliche when you read the news like this. They always interview the neighbor that says, “He was such a nice man, I can’t believe it.”

The Dead on tour again :)

16 01 2009

Check it out here.

The Dead

Federal Agency to Ignore California About it’s Own State Park

7 03 2008

The U.S. Department of Energy is moving forward on a plan to override California’s state utility regulators when it comes to building massive power lines through Anza Borrego State Park. “The department turned down multiple requests to reconsider its designation in October of a ‘National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor’ covering 10 counties in Southern California and western Arizona,” according to this article in the San Diego Union-Tribune. Citizens are worried are worried this might be a landgrab on the part of the power companies and developers.

Wonderful. Now California doesn’t even have a say when it comes to building power lines right through it’s own state park? This is a violation of states’ rights if I’ve ever seen one. Hopefully they will have some good sense not to destroy the land our forefathers had the good sense to protect.

Some more articles on the powerlines issue are:

Hawk on powerline

Photo courtesy of freeparking